Chapter 2: Christmas Already 11-12-95
Soundtrack: That annoying song by Booze Trailer they keep playing over and over on the radio. Oh, I mean Blues Traveler– sorry. You know that one with the teeth-grinding, funny bone smacking, repulsive mouth organ? Suck it in if you’re Rin Tin Tin or some shit. [ Wow, what a total dick thing to say. Listening to it now, it’s not a bad song– pretty catchy]

Drawing people at the mall and a super villain called The Queen Bee.

[I’m guessing that a page was torn out here because the next page starts with:]

… and every one of ‘em suck! It was good to talk to Danny. We talked about the future Skrak! Studio and all that. He won’t be out of the Gumby Suit until ’98, so that eats log. I guess when you get married, your release date is automatically set back a year. [ The Gumby Suit is what he called his Army uniform. ]

The cool thing is, he thinks he’ll be back in Arizona in a year and a half. I dunno know man, sometimes I think the studio is gonna happen and sometimes I don’t.sketchbook journal page

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