1-13-96 Chapter Three: Nineteen Times
Sountrack: Blood Stains by Agent Orange

A buddy at work said his friends all told him that if he did acid more than 12 times it was a “well-known stoner fact” that you would go insane. He did it nineteen times. It’s also the title I suggested for his autobio comic. [ This was at Fox Animation. We would draw, tell stories and talk shit every day on lunch break.]

There’s a new team of super villains to be on the look out for: The Holy Bowlers. They’re a bible-thumping all preacher bowling team. Probably 5 guys and a woman. Issue one: Bowling for Jesus.

They should have biblical names like: Enoch, Gabriel, David, Ezekiel (Zeke), and some old guy named Lazarus. They have a public access cable bowling and bingo prayer service revival show. They can heal bowling injuries and stuff. They preach from a pulpit that has one of those built-in hand blower things. They perform miracles like a 7-10 split.

Their mainstay of badness however, is their religious bombing. They carry the bombs in their bowling bags and wear bowling shirts with their logo and name on it over the classic preacher collar shirt.

Work was pretty smooth this week except for Friday. I had to bust ass on a production scene that we didn’t get done by the deadline because it turned into a giant cluster pump. The person who did the breakdowns did some of them wrong, so most of us inbetweeners were jacked. I guess we’ve got until tomorrow to get it finished.

Also this week, the big boss guy in charge of operations was given the shoe. Nobody knows why, but we had a special all staff meeting about it. All they said was, “He’s no longer with us.” There are all kinds of rumor-theories going around but no solid answers.

We’re gonna go with a sorta pseudo 50s look to the book so we need to get some reference on hairstyles, clothes, and if we can, slightly obscure Americana. As for some of the characters and backgrounds, I’ll need to round up some mags like Bowler’s World or junk like that. [The internet was a baby back then, Google didn’t exist.]

[The comic Adam and I were planning on making. Lipo-Man was his character who shot blubber out of a hose connected to his belly and the sidekick I came up with was Captain Unfathomable, an angry elderly man who used to be a real superhero in the 50s.]Grease musical

Ben, Ryan, Ashley and I saw Grease tonight. Our seats were clear up on the second balcony– and when I say clear, I mean CLEAR! The damn balcony’s gotta be at least 50-60 feet above the stage! [Um… probably more like 25.] Well, as you may or may not know, I’m deathly afraid of heights. So I said F that and asked the escort door watcher guy if there was anywhere else I could sit.

Hey man, it was either that or go hang out on Mill Ave until those guys got done watching the show. By the way, I at least tried to sit up there, but I got all vertigo and dizzy.

Anyway, the people at the hall were really cool about it and I got to sit in a totally good spot on floor level! Turns out, the three seats next to me were empty so those guys got to sit down there in the good seats for the second half!

It was a really good show except the stage sets were a 9 on the Velveeta Scale.

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