Chapter Four: And All At Once I Get The Feeling That I’ll Never Get The Chance To Talk To You. [ From Say It Isn’t True by Agent Orange] Soundtrack: St Alphonzo’s Pancake Breakfast by Frank Zappa

This ugly-ass sludge pile of wasted paint was done with a purpose– this sketchbook was getting too pretty. Like I said before, I don’t want to come off as, “Oh, I’m an artist, look how precious my little booky is.”

Howdy, farmers in the dill-hole. Well, I’m totally blocked– not in me arse, in me head. I’ve completely lost my drawing powers. Don’t believe me? Just take a gander at this tripe! Damn scary, huh?

I was all pissed yesterday because of this situation. Lucky for us, I’m probably manic/depressive so today I have a better outlook. Okay, get this, from now on I’m gonna (you just love when I make resolutions, huh?) just leave all the shitty drawings in here along with the not-so-shitty ones. After all, it’s a sketchbook not a work of art, right?

[Half of this page is torn out, talking about Lipo-Man again.]

…as you know Carl’s mom is destroyed by the evil Dr. DeChromium Cob and blah, blah, blah. So sometime in the story, LM will be reunited with his dad. Oh yeah, I’d like to see LM in a pair of spandex bike shorts and the Coiffeur Club’s hair is bio-mechanic. Thank you, and good night.

Hola, you wonky wankers! This is just a little bonus paragraph to let you in on a tid bit of “so what” trivia. Some of the pictures that are pasted into this drooling spitpile are from ’95.

Remember when I told you I had the idea to do another collage of stupid little sketches and stuff? I was gonna call it Refrigerator Art Expo, or something. Well, wipe that from your memory completely. I brought those cheesy drawings home to paste into this beloved book. They were done at work on the scratch paper I use to sharpen my pencils.reclining trash

Happy St. Pat’s! Running through Bad Religion’s new tape, The Gray Race. Come Join Us is the best song on it. Got it at Zia today along with Weight by Rollins Band. That’s a great tape for the gym! Did I tell you I’m back? I’m just doing cardio three times a week right now. Guess I didn’t say anything until I had some kind of track record. I’ve got three weeks under my belt so far and it’s a bit looser for it.touchdown

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