Chapter 5: It’s Hero Time – Soundtrack: Shine by Rollins Band

Whoops, got a little carried away there, didn’t I? It’s been a while, huh? Well, let me tell ya what I’ve seen and done since last I blabbed.

Last Saturday, Ben and I went to the Queen Mother of all redneck fests– the swap meet. The big one out by Greyhound Park. They should call it The Landfill. Don’t mark me wrong, sometimes you can hook up some good scores on stuff at these things, but that weekend must have been Nat’l Worthless Junk Weekend.

We just walked around making fun of people and sunburnin’ our fore noggins. We did see an awesome super-bout on our way out to the car. Actually, it was Ben’s Jeep– we cruised topless out to the joint. Not us, the Jeep.

Anyway, back to the fight. Evidently this old guy had been ripped off by one of the garbage pushers, and was exacting his revenge. There was a huge crowd gathering around as he smashed the shit out of the proprietor’s stuff. He used his cane to bash everything to bits. He even went into the back of the guy’s big ol’ truck an clobbered away. So that was worth going out there.

This past week I did a lot of production work for the film. I’m still bustin’ ass at the gym– started back with weights, too. By the way, this monster with slippers is the last pic that was put in the book late. From here on, all sketches match the dates in the book.

(Half the page is torn out here) Damn, those two weeks flew by! This is my new pen, by the way. Mom got it especially for journal stuff – says it’s the best archival ink. I gave it the spit test and it didn’t bleed. Gee, that’s so interesting, Harp. Anyway, a lot of stuff has gone on the past two weeks. Let’s see, last week our refrigerator died and we lost about 120 bucks in food– we had all just gone shopping. And then, my alternator went out = $265. So needless to say, that week lapped log.

Last weekend we dropped the new motor in Ben’s Jeep. He busted ass and got it done in two and a half days– big thanks goes out to Rick on that one. Honorable mention for Ben, he’s a damn scrappy mechanic! The motor is tighter than hell and faster than fuck! He also had a $200 custom exhaust installed. Three inch diagonal-cut pipes just in front of the back tires. Sounds killer!

I’m back to looking at houses. I’ve looked at a dozen or so– a few were close but just not right. My realtor, Joan, has turned out to be an excellent choice. Last week I had four realtors and I gave them all the “terribly sorry” shoe– except Joan. She kicks ass.

( A quick note on house hunting before it was a big on the internet: It was completely different. Regular people didn’t have access to the MLS, only realtors did. They would give you a sheet with all the info for the homes available. If you were lucky, the sheet had one tiny black and white picture of the exterior of the house. You had to look at way more houses because every one of them was a surprise when you got there. )

So tomorrow I’m going to look at a house that could be the one. I’ve done a drive-by and checked it from the outside. I don’t know, I’m trying not to get my hopes up because I’m not quite ready with the mortgage company. I’ve got a meeting with them at 6:30am on Monday. It’ll take 15 days to find out if they’ll lend to me for sure. I’m pre-qualified already at 115k. Joan said that they might be able to write a pre-approval letter that will encourage the seller, but we’ll see.

The house kicks it on the outside, but may be a pile of piss on the inside– I’ve seen that a bunch of times already. It’s a cool house though. 1750 sq ft, corner lot in an above excellent neighborhood.

Who knows, my luck was running great today. I scored 3 new shirts at Factory 2U for 5 bucks a piece, got back a great roll of film, and then scooped up two file cabinets at the Salvation Army Store for $20. Plus, when I was at Borders today buying blank tapes, I thought, “Damn, my life kicks total ass! Work during the week, shop on Saturday and draw n’ read on Sunday!”

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