We did an overnight in Cottonwood to kick off our Anniversary Week. Got the Sip n’ Stay package at the Tavern Hotel. Dinner at the Tavern Grill– fajitas and margaritas.

Then we strolled downtown to three of the four wine bars that specialize in Arizona grown grapes for tasting flights at each. I don’t know shit about wine, but there were plenty of local delicious ones. Some shit ones as well, but you’ll run into that anywhere.

Went to Crema in the morning for weak coffee and awesome croissants and scones. [ Well la-dee-da, Larry Fancy Pants ] Walked the Jail Trail through through the huge cottonwood trees down to the Verde River. We took the scenic route home through Sedona and I got some #amazing iPhone snaps of the beautiful red rock formations through our bug-splattered windshield. Emailed them to National Geographic this morning.

Just a quick trip up north to get away and relax. Maria received her card in the mail when we got home. Great start to this year’s celebrations. (Note to self: Don’t write at the drawing table with a huge incline– handwriting looks like I had a stroke.)

Restriction cuts off blood flow and slowly kills you. Stop trying to control everything.

Pulled off a “Triple Stage” today.
Stage 1. Hike Pinnacle Peak ( A 3.5 mile trail of heavy switchbacks)
Stage 2. Go to the gym for weight training
Stage 3. Do a 45 minute charity spin class (AZ Humane Society)
Cool Down Stage: Come home, have a smoothie and collapse.
My legs are gonna be really pissed off at me tomorrow– I blame Maria. (She did the same triple)

Posted pencils for page 23 of FUEL on Patreon. Holy shit that story is taking forever. If I’m honest, comic pages are hard to stay excited about. 🙁

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