This was a helluvan eventful weekend. It’s 11:30pm on Sunday and I’m tired. Last night something surreal and– until just then– far away happened. Ryan and Ashley stopped by the house while Ben and I were working on the front yard.

Ben and Ashley went into the house for a while and Ryan and I talked out front. It was around 7:30 and the sun was gone. Just streaks of red and violet were left in the sky. Ryan told me that he had asked Ashley to marry him and she had of course accepted.

The moment that struck me was when we walked across the yard toward where the sun used to be. I was coiling the extension cord for the weed-eater while Ryan spoke excitedly about his marriage plans.

Everything went away and I was inside myself wondering what was happening to us.

Here I am mowing the lawn of my own house, talking to my younger brother about getting married. I saw time pass.

You know how sometimes when you were a kid you’d stare at the minute hand on the clock and you could see it move ever so slightly? But no matter how hard you concentrated on the hour hand it seemed stationary.

I saw the hour hand move yesterday.

[Direct rip of a Lobo cover by the amazing Glenn Fabry.]

At work today, Rory, Gary, Greg and I went into the Pre-Production Department to check out the preliminary artwork for our next movie, Ice Planet. (That’s just a cheezy fake-out-the-bad-guys working title.)

Anyway, one of the head guys there is John Lakey– he freakin’ rules the earth! Plus, he’s totally cool and let us look at all of his stuff. There’s a bunch of other kick ass people who work in the department too. These people are so awesome!

Part of me is inspired to kick ass and try to someday get into that dept. All they do is make up all the cool characters, ships and vehicles n’ stuff. They do all the conceptualizing, the CREATING.

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