Chapter Six: Destroy your Comfort Zone
Soundtrack: It’s Never Too Late – Steppenwolf / No One Lives For Ever – Oingo Boingo |

How do, neighbors? Well, where do I start? This past weekend was an introspective spectacle. I drove down to Tucson to see some pals I hadn’t seen in some time.

On Friday night, Luke and I talked until after 1:00am about a trustworthy and dependable evil: Your Comfort Zone. It’s always there to protect you and confide in. In it you are untouchable, impervious to failure and looking the fool– that’s a truckload of shit.

Opening, expanding and flat out kicking the hell out of my comfort zone is what I’m looking to do. Granted, new and different experiences can bite, but if you stay in that warm and safe cocoon too long, you’ll surely suffocate.

On Saturday, Luke and I got to do some “idea cruising” like back in the old days. We just drive around town looking for cool backstreet neighborhoods and vacant lots to build [a house/studio] on. We talk about success and failure and get ideas for anything from architecture and furniture to money-making plans to do next. We talk about when we’re rich.

These drives always make me feel like there’s nothing we can’t do.

That night I went out to Danny’s house for a pachanga. [He was home on leave from the Army] I raced a huge thunderstorm through Gate’s pass and made it down the mountain before it hit. It was a helluva party. They had live norteño music and a ton of good food. There were also a few hundred pallets of beer– damn, those guys can put it away!

I got to meet Danny’s wife, Shari, and his new son, Bernie. Danny was spread pretty thin talking to all of the guests (50 or so) so we didn’t get much time to catch up on shit. I left at around ten I guess. He said that he’d write back more often– I know it’s bullshit, but he’s there in spirit.

Driving back to Luke’s that night I felt right. I went down there to close some doors as well as to open a few. The past is great to remember but I’m tired of being stuck there. As I topped the hill coming back into Tucson down Ajo, I felt like I was ready to go. Move on. Give me something new.

On Sunday, Ben and I went to see the movie Independence Day (ID4) at my work. Fox has a copy of it. We saw it three days before it hits theaters. (July 4th) It was kick ass as far as effects but there were a lot of little things that made it teeter on the edge of sucky.

[Side note: I can’t believe that my reviews of The Rock and ID4 were so nice… WTH?]

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