Sure is a witch load of witch bands on Youtube: Stone Witch, Mountain Witch, Witchhelm, Earth Witch, Purple Hill Witch, Devil’s Witches, Acid Witch, Witchthroat Serpent, All Them Witches, Navajo Witch, Witchcraft, just plain Witch…

And my favorite Witch Band of all– Cybernetic Witch Cult.

Stone Witch is awesome and Earth Witch is pretty cool even though some of their songs sound like a rip from The Sword. Mountain Witch has some good riffs, Witchhelm is nice and creepy and the purple one has a wicked-bad album cover. Devil’s Witches is the photo-witch and All Them has some good records, but… I’m suddenly all witched out. [Image from THIS VIDEO]

Holy Hitchhiker! Keep walkin’ if Bad Betty offers you a ride on her two-wheeled death machine. Hell or High Water are the only two places she goes and the outcome is always the same.

On looking for a new house: The condo we’re in now is like living in the lava tube of an active volcano– hot and dark. This whole metro area is one giant Old Testament Hellscape.

We gotta find a new place because Zora, huge windows that face west, stairs, one-car garage, and carpet, carpet, carpet.

Get thee hence, Satan! And shove that fiddle up your ass ‘cause Johnny wants a golden Stratocaster with a whammy bar in this true story from the Old Testament. [Image from THIS VIDEO]

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