VIDEO: Welcome back to Sketchbook Time Machine. Today we’re gonna ride shotgun with the Terminator and travel back through time to the year 2014. And while the T-800 tries it’s best to eliminate Sarah Connor, we’re gonna do something even more exciting: a sketchbook flip through tour.

3 Things I learned from my sketchbook in 2014-15: (1) Try new stuff.  (2) Polishing a turd drawing in Photoshop is a fool’s game. (3) Draw every day.

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🦄Just imagine: You have the incredibly amazing opportunity to look over my shoulder as I flip through an old sketchbook, make fun of my drawings and see some of the finished art the sketchbook ideas turned into. Sketches, pencil drawings, watercolor, ink drawings and comics– check out the good stuff and all the total screw-ups.

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