October started like it should. The last two days I’ve been drawing and inking fun stuff, drinking coffee and listening to horror movie OSTs with the sound of real rain in the background. Its been overcast and raining for two days straight. Perfect.

I finished the final Inktober drawing yesterday so I only missed my goal by a day. Glad I started in late August or I never would’ve made it.


I’ve thought about doing it for years, but this is my first time on the Inktober Party Bus– feels great to be done! Seems like I picked a good year too, the inky fervor is high on all the socials.

I wanted to spend October doing a four-part Inktober video series for YouTube, but I dunno if I’ll have time. Tons of other things to do. Excited to return to doing regular Sketchbook Time Machine posts and more loose and brutal work.
[EDIT: I did have time and you can watch the video series HERE.

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