Anniversary, Restriction, and the Triple Stage

We did an overnight in Cottonwood to kick off our Anniversary Week. Got the Sip n’ Stay package at the Tavern Hotel. Dinner at the Tavern Grill– fajitas and margaritas.

Then we strolled downtown to three of the four wine bars that specialize in Arizona grown grapes for tasting flights at each. I don’t know shit about wine, but there were plenty of local delicious ones. Some shit ones as well, but you’ll run into that anywhere.

Went to Crema in the morning for weak coffee and awesome croissants and scones. [ Well la-dee-da, Larry Fancy Pants ] Walked the Jail Trail through through the huge cottonwood trees down to the Verde River. We took the scenic route home through Sedona and I got some #amazing iPhone snaps of the beautiful red rock formations through our bug-splattered windshield. Emailed them to National Geographic this morning.

Just a quick trip up north to get away and relax. Maria received her card in the mail when we got home. Great start to this year’s celebrations. (Note to self: Don’t write at the drawing table with a huge incline– handwriting looks like I had a stroke.)

Restriction cuts off blood flow and slowly kills you. Stop trying to control everything.

Pulled off a “Triple Stage” today.
Stage 1. Hike Pinnacle Peak ( A 3.5 mile trail of heavy switchbacks)
Stage 2. Go to the gym for weight training
Stage 3. Do a 45 minute charity spin class (AZ Humane Society)
Cool Down Stage: Come home, have a smoothie and collapse.
My legs are gonna be really pissed off at me tomorrow– I blame Maria. (She did the same triple)

Posted pencils for page 23 of FUEL on Patreon. Holy shit that story is taking forever. If I’m honest, comic pages are hard to stay excited about. 🙁

Bloopers From the First Ten Sketchbook Time Machine Videos

VIDEO: Today my YouTube channel is celebrating a small but important milestone: I’ve posted my first 10 videos! And if that wasn’t exciting enough, I’ve also got 9 subscribers! I know, right? That’s almost one per video! Pretty sure this is what Gary Vee means by “Crushing It.”

To celebrate, I’ve made a short blooper reel with some of my favorite screw-ups so far. Now a lot of the top YouTubers out there make it look super easy, but trust me, it ain’t pretty behind the scenes where the real YouTube is made. So grab a beer, kick back and let’s relive the unseen magic of the first ten together.

Music: Quincas Moreira

Viking Warrior Queen – Sketchbook Process Video

The dark ages got even darker the night Helena Ramsdóttir was born under the final Wolf Moon. The revered Viking Queen of seven kingdoms, she never took a king but was known to have pillaged more than her fair share of Norwegian wood.

Drawing a Viking Queen in my sketchbook using a Winsor & Newton Series 7 sable #3 brush, Speedball ink, and the mighty P-shop for color.

Blessing Pink Rabbits with Bob Seger

4-5-18 Finally drawing panels again– just finished pencils for page twenty-two. It wasn’t until the third day back that I was feeling good and having fun with it. My drawing power still isn’t back to the level it was a few months ago, but that’s the price for getting sidetracked.

4-6-18 Night Moves by Bob Seger came on the overhead system while having a burrito at JJ’s Deli. Listened to the whole record when we got home– still awesome.

I was a little too tall
Could’ve used a few pounds
Tight pants points hardly renowned
She was a black-haired beauty with big dark eyes
And points all her own sitting way up high
Way up firm and high
-Bob Seger

Inktober Week Four – Process Video

So the big question is, “Did you finish? Did you survive?” Because week four feels like Michael Meyers has you trapped in a closet and Jason is trying to pull you down into the lake. And just like those guys, the final week of Inktober seems like it just won’t die.

It’s like John Carpenter is writing your life story… the fear and dread of not finishing is always right behind you.

Well, I’m happy to say that much like Jamie Lee Curtis, I prevailed. I beat the bogey man of Inktober. So congrats to me and everyone else who made it out alive.

Happy Halloween.till death do us part

Inktober Week Three – Process Video

As you know, this is my first time doing Inktober– and I’m no scientist– but I’ve made a discovery. Week three is when your give-a-shit-factor starts to go right in the crapper.

And your brain starts telling you stuff like, “Who cares? This is a stupid waste of time, it’s just another fart in the wind, you could be having tacos and beer with your friends right now, man… But you gotta fight those thoughts. Because I’ve only got one week left, I can do it– I’m gonna finish.Headless Horsepower

Inktober Week Two – Process Video

Week two is a little different than week one. Week one you’re all full of piss and vinegar like, “Yeah, man, Inktober– let’s do this shit right now! Week two is more like, “Right on, yeah, Inktober, I’m doing it, I’m good.

I made some good drawings this week and some not as good. But that’s okay, that’s what this exercise is all about, practice. And if you’re drawing and inking every day, you can’t help but get better.

But that’s enough feel-good, after school special bullshit… let’s get to it.

Inktober Week One – Process Video

Number one in a four video series for Inktober covering the first seven drawings. In case you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know what Inktober is, it’s an annual 31-day drawing challenge started by Jake “The Snake” Parker.

That’s not true, nobody calls him The Snake. I got him confused with the wrestler…

…Anyway, back in 2009, Jake wanted to improve his inking skills and build better work habits. So he set a challenge for himself that every day in October he would make and post a finished ink drawing. And of course now Inktober is a worldwide event.

Each year, Jake puts out the official prompt list with a word for each day to help you think of ideas for your drawings. Like a bunch of other people, I’ve made my own prompt list. (see previous post)

For each of the four videos, I’m gonna show all of the drawings I did that week and then the last drawing will be a time-lapse of the process for a look at how I make the sausage… that sounded weird.

This is my first ride on the Inktober Party Bus, so hopefully by the end of the month, I will suck less at inking. Good luck to everybody else taking the Inktober challenge this year!

*Amazon affiliate links for supplies and tools used*
Strathmore Hardbound Sketchbook Journal
Winsor & Newton Series 7 Sable Brush #3
Speedball Super Black Ink

Music: Biz Baz Studio and Sir Cubworth

Inktober 2018 – My First Ride on the Party Bus


I’ve decided to do Inktober this year and post an inked drawing every day for the month of October.

Inktober is a 31-day challenge started in 2009 by Jake “The Snake” Parker… uh… wait, okay nobody calls him The Snake. I added that.

Anyway, it’s a worldwide contest designed to help you suck less at inking and build consistent work habits by posting a daily inked drawing for the month.

Every October, Jake puts out the official prompt list of 31 words to use for idea starters each day. Like a bunch of other people, I made my own prompt list. This is it. Look at it. Now look again.

This is my first year on the Inktober Party Bus– good luck to all who bought the ticket and take the ride.

Steven Pressfield – The War of Art

Read most of Steven Pressfield’s book, The War of Art, for the second time a couple weeks ago. He starts repeating himself after the first couple chapters, but his main idea of your own “resistance” holding you back makes sense to me.

I can’t buy into the the unique-creative-flower-release-your-playful-inner-child-drivel that most self help books spew, so I appreciate that Pressfield keeps it from veering into Sad Clown territory.