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(VIDEO) Deadly Class : Drawing Favorite Characters

VIDEO: Today I’m drawing my favorite character from the comic and now TV show, Deadly Class. And it’s probably not who you think it is. I know everyone loves the leading ladies– Saya is mysterious and lethal, Maria is dangerous and loyal – but the one I’m always rooting for is Billy. I just like that kid.

So for today’s sketchbook journal entry, let’s head way back to 1996. Just like in issue 9 of the comic when Saya and Marcus go to see The Adolescents at The Fillmore, this is the story of my first punk show.

A Lion, My Ass and Deadly Class

After my first class at Cyclebar yesterday, I’m reading a new Judy Blume book titled, My Tender Spin Class Bottom.

Just got a text from Rick to say that the Deadly Class TV show was picked up by the SYFY channel. Hell yeah! That’s great news! Happy to see he finally sold a series. I saw the pilot episode in February at the Palm Springs Summit, aka PiSS.

After all the the hard work, shit eating, and so-close-but-no-thank-yous it’s great to see such a rad success. I love the comic and the TV series looks like it’ll be awesome too. Rick was cool enough to name the metalhead character after me. It’s a huge mark in the win column– local boy done good.

The truth is a lion.

This went sideways pretty fast. Shot a video for it but it was dark and slow and boring as hell so I dumped it. I’ll try the idea again with better lighting and a better drawing later.